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Houses for rent in Hanoi, Vietnam

We provide furnished house, beautiful house, garden house, modern house in Hanoi city, Vietnam

We have houses for rent in Hoan kiem dist, Ba Dinh dist, Tay Ho dist, Hai Ba Trung dist....

Houses in Hoan Kiem

Property ID: 1150

Rental Price: US$2,800/month

Location/ street: 

A luxury house with 3 bedrooms in Hoan Kiem dist for rent. This is a 4 storeys house with a nice big terrace outdoor, very bright, very quiet and very safe. The house has wooden floor, full furnitures, modern bathrooms

Houses in Hoan Kiem

Property ID: 1069

Rental Price: US$1,000/month

Location/ street: 

A modern house with Western style in Hoan Kiem dist to rent. The house has 4 storeys. The first floor is motorbike & bike storage, the second floor is a beautiful kitchen and a living room

Houses in Hoan Kiem

Property ID: 1038

Rental Price: US$650/month

Location/ street: Pham ngu lao

A nice cheap house rentals in Pham Ngu Lao street, Hoan Kiem dist. The house has a nice terrace, wooden floor. It is located in a quiet lane, very safe, fully furnished.

Houses in Hai Ba Trung

Property ID: 1101

Rental Price: US$1,700/month

Location/ street: Hang chuoi

An European house has a front yard and back yard with a roof. The house has a private living room and kitchen in first floor, from second floor to 4th floor is 5 bedrooms, modern bathroom,

Houses in Hai Ba Trung

Property ID: 1099

Rental Price: US$1,200/month

Location/ street: 

House location: Hai Ba Trung dist, Hanoi. Land area: 100 m2. The contruction area: 80m2 x 4 floor. Total living area: 320 m2. Floor number: 04.

Houses in Hai Ba Trung

Property ID: 985

Rental Price: US$1,000/month

Location/ street: Hue

A 5 storied-house has 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Usable area: 75m2 x 5 floors. First floor: a living room plus a kitchen; wooden floor. Each floor has 2 bedrooms, 1 bedroom . It is without furniture now, but the owner shall provides

Houses in Tay Ho

Property ID: 1154

Rental Price: US$1,350/month

Location/ street: Dang Thai Mai

If you are looking for a house in Tay Ho dist, this is a good house to you consider. The house has 4 storeys, furnished, equipped, quiet, modern designed. It is located in quiet lane, car access

Houses in Tay Ho

Property ID: 1136

Rental Price: US$1,400/month

Location/ street: Au co

A nice house with five bedroom for rent in Tay Ho dist. The Land area: 130 sq.m x 5 floors, hard wooden floor, modern designed, direct car access. The house has a big kitchen

Houses in Tay Ho

Property ID: 1130

Rental Price: US$2,400/month

Location/ street: To ngoc van

There is a beautiful house with modern European designed style in To Ngoc Van area. The house is very suited for a family. The Land area is 150 sq.m, the construction for each floor is 90 sq.m

Houses in Ba Dinh

Property ID: 1166

Rental Price: US$1,100/month

Location/ street: Ngoc khanh

House in Badinh district for rent - There is a graceful house with full furnitures to rent in Ba Dinh dist, Hanoi. The house in a quiet location nearby shops, supermarket, gym, drugstore. The house has 4 storeys with a nice terrace, a nice yard in front of the house

Houses in Ba Dinh

Property ID: 1135

Rental Price: US$1,600/month

Location/ street: Truc bach lake area

There is a high quality fully furnished house in Truc Bach Lake area for Foreigner rent. The location in a nice quiet street, behind of the house is Truc Bach lake view

Houses in Ba Dinh

Property ID: 1129

Rental Price: US$1,200/month

Location/ street: 

We are renting a very beautiful garden & courtyard house in Ba Dinh location. The house has 3 storeys, well-designed, a fish pond outdoor, there are many trees in front yard

Houses in Dong Da

Property ID: 1075

Rental Price: US$900/month

Location/ street: Ton Duc Thang

A bright house with courtyard, balcony, car access for rent. The location in a quiet lane, safe location, has security guard

Houses in Dong Da

Property ID: 1032

Rental Price: US$500/month

Location/ street: Kham thien

A nice house for rent in Dong Da dist, Ha Noi. It is located in Kham Thien street, this house has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, furnished, small courtyard, a nice kitchen

Houses in Dong Da

Property ID: 756

Rental Price: US$ 1,000/month

Location/ street: lang ha

4 stories house with full furniture, balconies, quiet and very safe location. It has nice terrace, wooden floor, modern bathroom, modern kitchen, spacious living room.

Houses in Cau Giay

Property ID: 831

Rental Price: US$ 800/month

Location/ street: Chua Ha

The owner rents a nice house in Cau Giay dist. This house has 4 bed, 4 baths, small courtyard, nice balcony

Houses in Cau Giay

Property ID: 761

Rental Price: US$ 2,000/month

Location/ street: 

A very nice house with big land area 150m2, designed 3.5 storeys, big courtyard, direct car access, easy traffic. It’s very quiet, very safe. The house includes 4 bedrooms, 5 modern bathrooms with 3 bath-tubs

Houses in Cau Giay

Property ID: 719

Rental Price: US$ 1,000/month

Location/ street: Tran Duy Hung

A beautiful house with 3 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, wooden floor, very quiet. The located is nearby Trung Hoa urban, It has 4 storeys, court-yard

Houses in Tu Liem

Property ID: 1008

Rental Price: US$800/month

Location/ street: Xuan Dinh

An European style house has 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, furnished for rent in Xuan Dinh road, Tu Liem dist, Ha Noi. The location is nearby Ciputra urban area, near Metro supermarket

Houses in Long Bien

Property ID: 214

Rental Price: US$ 950/month

Location/ street: ngoc thuy

This is a very nice house with land area is 120 sq.m, it has courtyard, it is very quiet lane with car access, 04 bedrooms, 04 bathrooms, wooden floor, fully furnished, fresh air,

Houses in Long Bien

Property ID: 207

Rental Price: US$ 1,000/month

Location/ street: Ngoc Thuy

Area: 100m2, 3 floors, courtyard, wooden floor, morden big kitchen, very quiet lane, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, fully furnished

Houses in Long Bien

Property ID: 167

Rental Price: US$ 900/month

Location/ street: Ngoc Thuy

This is a very nice house with land area is 200 sq.m, it has large courtyard, it is very quiet lane, car access, 05 bedrooms, 05 bathrooms, wooden floor, fully furnished, fresh air,

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